The Hardman Killarney



Proposed Swim Course Start in the water off the pier at Killarney Golf and Fishing Club. Swim Eastwards for 70m approx to the first marker. Swim North for approx. 280m. Then swim South East for 350m approx. Swim West for 500 approx. Then swim North for 200m approx. Repeat this lap and then swim in to finish at the pier.

The final route may vary from the route mapped here. The swim course is subject to obtaining final approval and permissions.



Full details of the Hardman bike route are available in the documents on the right hand side.



Run Course: Starts at Castlerosse Hotel, Victoria Cottage, Knockreer Hill, Deenagh Cottage, River Walk, Reen, Ross Castle, Ross Island, Ross Castle, Ross Road, Reen Cottage, River Walk, Deenage Lodge and follow the new path past the playground all the way back to the Castlerosse. Coming this lap three times then finishing at the Castlerosse hotel car park.

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For accommodation we highly recommend the Castlerosse hotel and holiday homes which is our race headquaters. For alternative accommodation, there are many options in the Fossa area of Killarney.